CLEMENCE RICHARD introduces a new product – an eco-friendly two layers engineered oak Floorboards.


We use certified, environmentally friendly materials and therefore the final product is eco-friendly and natural.


Natural oak plank, depending on temperature and humidity may shrink or expand. Such factors can result in cracks or expansion of the flooring. Glued flooring reduces these changes or they become insignificant. Layers are affixed to each other. Thus, the more layers, the lower possibility of deformation.


Our engineered wood flooring is composed of 9 and 10 layers of waterproof birch plywood that are cross layered, glued and pressed together in the form of a plank and an upper layer is oak, what almost does not leave the possibility of deformation.


The top oak layer is uniform over the entire width and length of the plank and no individual parts are used.


The Floorboards are of two different thicknesses:


• The first layer - 5.5 mm thick oak, the second layer - 14.5 mm of 10 layers bonded waterproof birch (what is also a hardwood) plywood.

• The first layer - 4.0 mm thick oak, the second layer - 12.0 mm mm of 9 layers bonded waterproof birch plywood.


Flooring width can be 165 mm, 180 mm, 250 mm, length - 2400 mm and 1200 mm.


The moisture content is of 7-8 %.


We achieve a unique look of oak flooring by combining brushing technique with oiling. Thus, 24 different finishes can be produced. We do not use lacquer since it is not eco-friendly product. The buyer can obtain a natural (unfinished) product and cover the surface with the desired color or varnish.


Our flooring is suitable for all interior applications, be it domestic or commercial. Fully tested and compatible with temperature controlled under floor water heating systems.


Timber used to produce our flooring is rich in pattern, showing natural growth rings, knots and colour variation. This is the beauty of natural wood.

Selecting the appropriate color of natural oil, flooring can be adapted to classical or modern interior.



 FLOORING finishes available


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